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Our guided meditations are consciously designed with scientifically and spiritually supported  methods.

Each one is 7 minutes long so they're easy to do every day and powerful enough for you to reap the rewards. 



What makes NOEMA meditations unique?


Each meditation is layered with: 


  • Deep breathing prompts to elicit your body's relaxation response

  • Easy and effective visualisations that alter your brain activity & biochemistry

  • Sumptuous sound therapy to reduce stress and enhance your well-being

“It's amazing how different you can feel after
7 minutes of slowing down & softening into the present.”

Stephanie Chiu, Founder of NOĒMA

Why the name NOĒMA?

In ancient Greek, noēma relates to perception, understanding, thought and seeing.

We chose this word to represent what we do because we know that meditation and mindful self-care can change the way you see and experience your life.

NOĒMA derives from its source and infuses its own inspiration, meaning and substance. We unite the knowledge of science and spirituality with the forces of sound, color, aroma, breath and beauty -  to help you experience more ease, energy and pleasure in your life.

Our Values

We value transformation, ease and integrity.


TRANSFORMATION is at the core of what we offer you. It’s the inspiration behind what we do and it infuses every layer of NOĒMA. We ask ourselves - does this have the power to transform? We believe that mindfulness and meditation can transform how you feel about yourself and your life.


We focus on the art of EASE. Our guiding questions are  - how can we make this easier for you? And, how can we support you to find ease, flow and enjoyment in your life? We want you to know that meditation and mindfulness don’t have to be difficult. We give you easy-to-integrate tips, tools and training to elevate your wellness, without compromising substance or quality.

At the heart of every NOĒMA offering is a connection and commitment to INTEGRITY - from the knowledge we share, to the ingredients we use in our Wellness Boxes, to the way we respond to you and your needs. We make a promise to support your transformation with service and products that honour humanity and the environment.

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