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Ask this important question to make sure you're giving your brain, body and soul the best self-care

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Enriching self-care begins with a question...⁠

‘What do I need?⁠’

It’s about developing a loving, kind and compassionate connection with yourself.⁠

Growing a relationship of self-care with yourself isn’t always easy. It can be full of resistance, challenges and “I don’t know's” or “I’m not sure’s”.⁠

It can help to set an intention and do a little every day. Small, simple acts are a gateway to habit-forming life enhancement.

Think more micro than macro. ⁠ Ask yourself…‘What do I need in this moment?’

It might be...⁠

A big hug, a deep breath, a cup of tea (maybe all three?)

I need to feel sunshine on my skin⁠

I need to turn away from this screen⁠

I need to call my friend and have a good laugh⁠

I need to turn up that song and move my body

I need to lay my head on a pillow and rest

There’s no right or wrong. There’s no formula. It’s about asking and answering with the intention of care.⁠

It’s helpful to schedule some self-care dates with yourself. We instinctively know we have to nourish our relationships with our friends, family, partners and pets, yet we often forget to do the same for ourselves. Remember, when you fill your cup with rest and care, you have more to give yourself and others!

Self-care is a gift to yourself, be generous xx

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