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Humans have been using rituals for eons to transform and transcend.
Our easy and synergistic rituals use timeless wisdom for modern times to replenish, ground and enrich your energy. Create some space to honour yourself today.

Tea Ritual

Light a candle and some incense, play music you love

Take three slow, easy breaths and bring your awareness into the present

You might like to set a gentle intention to be present and open during your tea ritual

Choose your favourite cup, mug or teapot

Pour water into your vessel 

Watch the leaves unfurl and notice the colours change

Inhale deeply and let the aromas lift your spirits

Notice the flavours in your mouth

allow each sip to restore and enrich your spirit 

When you’ve finished, thank yourself for the experience and complete your ritual with three, deep, mindful breaths



Prepare your space. soften lighting, switch your phone to silent

Light a candle and incense

Lie or sit in a relaxed, comfortable position

Take three deep, slow and mindful breaths

Play your 7 minute NOĒMA meditation

After finishing, thank yourself for the care you’ve given and received

If it feels good give yourself a gentle smile, center your hands over your heart or, wrap your arms across your chest and give yourself a little squeeze


What are you thankful for?

Find out what feels good in your life – from the momentous to the magical to the micro

Light a candle and some incense, play music you love, make yourself a cup of tea

Choose some paper and a pen that makes you feel good

Take three deep mindful breaths in and bring your awareness into your heart. allow it to open and soften with each breath

Write a heading for the different areas of your life: family, work, health, friendships, home, partner...

Reflect on each area of your life and make a note of what comes up. remain in your heart and allow it to expand with each statement of gratitude

I’m grateful for…

I appreciated…

It brought me joy when…

I’m thankful for this challenge that is helping me learn right now…

even though this situation isn’t perfect, I’m grateful for

When you’ve finished, read over your list and allow your heart to expand with deep gratitude for all that you have

Thank yourself for giving your energy to acknowledging and honouring the riches in your life - complete your ritual with three, deep, loving breaths

The area where you’re most struggling to find gratitude might just be the realm where you need to find it most. Sit with it for a bit and see what opens up...

The more detailed you get, the sweeter it feels. What deliciousness did you taste? How about something you heard – a lyric that moved you, a heartbeat, wind dancing through leaves? or a beautiful sight that brought your senses alive, like the way a sunbeam rested on your arm and warmed your skin

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